General & new business inquiries

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PLAYCORN collects the following personal information from the users when using the services in the consultation.
Users have the right to disagree with the collection and use of 'personal information other than the minimum necessary information' when agreeing to collect and use this personal information.
For more information on handling personal information, see the 'Privacy policy'atthe bottom of the website.
However,the contents of this Agreement shall prevail if they conflict with the contents of this Agreement.
- Collecting items: business/company name, business registration number,representative name, business place name, name, position, mobile phone number, email, industry of interest, product solution, product quantity, installation site address
- Purpose of collection: Quote service provision and consultation

 - Retention period: The data shall be destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using is achieved or when the user requests withdrawal of consent from the purpose of collecting and using the estimate service for three years from the date of receipt. However, information that has been granted a storage obligation under the Act on Electronic Commerce can be retained for the storage period.* You may refuse to agree to the collection and use of mandatory items, but this information must be provided for the service provision.

‌Agree to collect and use personal information (Essential)